About Us

The MURRA Program was developed by the Melbourne Business School (MBS) to address one of the most pressing social challenges in Australia – the economic disadvantage faced by Indigenous Australians. The MURRA program was created for Indigenous entrepreneurs and leaders to raise the capabilities of Indigenous businesses to grow.

The MURRA Indigenous Business Master Class Program consists of six classes for established Indigenous Australian business owners and leaders run over the course of three months. Each module covers two classes and is run intensively over four days. The program is open to applicants from all parts of Australia.

The sessions are taught by world-leading MBS faculty and have been tailored to strengthen the capacity of Indigenous entrepreneurs to:

  • Master Class 1 Business Strategy: Formulate effective growth-oriented business strategies
  • Master Class 2 Business Finance: Develop sound financial foundations for your enterprise/s
  • Master Class 3 Marketing: Craft unique market value propositions
  • Master Class 4 Creating Value Through People: Develop and lead effective workforces
  • Master Class 5 Negotiations: Effectively negotiate deals, contracts and manage disputes
  • Master Class 6 Leadership: Develop and lead in the Australian Indigenous Business Sector

In addition to delivering world class business content, MURRA is also designed to enhance the business networks of participants. Developing strong social networks between Indigenous entrepreneurs supports knowledge exchange, social-emotional support and the potential development of business partnerships. Participants are provided with post-program support that can include a business mentor or consulting support to assist the participant to create an effective business strategy.

MURRA has enjoyed support from a number of agencies including Kinaway, Indigenous Business Australia, Supply Nation, MBS Executive MBA Alumni of 2003, Ian Kirk, Global Forwarding and BP.